We Assist in Building Brands. We Rejuvenate Existing Brands™. For fourteen years JCS has been helping clients with their brands within print design, trade show, photography, web design, email marketing, web development and security.

Our solutions are cost effective and long term relationship based. While we will take on one time projects, our goal is a relationship with our clients and their brand. We are hands on with the client and develop within the brands voice. We stay within budgets and communicate, and it is because of this, most of our client relationships are over ten years.


The Work

We Rejuvenate Brands. We Assist in Building Brands.


The Client Base

Presently and over the last thirteen years, Jontaar Creative continues and has had the privilege to work with some terrific brands. We're about long term relationships. Some continue, for over ten years now. Whether your project is short term or in for the long haul, Jontaar Creative will be here and grow with you.

  • Jegs High Performance

  • Union Standard Insurance Group

  • Berkley Southeast Insurance Group

  • McKinley American Leathercrafters

  • Clark Graphics Inc

  • Ohio Health

  • Scotts Miracle Grow

  • Mediu

  • Berkley Fire & Marine Underwriters

  • Project Blues

  • Berkley North Pacific Group

  • Amatos Wood Fired Pizza

  • 12 West Restaurant

  • Berkley Public Entity Managers

  • Berkley Asset Protection

  • CJB Risk Control

  • Rebecca Jordan Family Dentistry

  • The Blues Foundation

  • The Winchester Institute

  • Unitedware LLC

  • Acadia Insurance

  • Regional Excess Underwriters

  • The Blues Foundation

  • UMCH Family Services

  • Tween Brands

  • Justice Just for Girls

  • Jet Container

  • Shadowbox Live

  • Clintonville Outfitters

  • Ocala Magazine

  • Relay Gear

  • Christensen & Christensen

  • Lighting the Way


  • Miss Ohio America

  • Lola Belle Boutique

  • Astute Solution


About the Owner

Jontaar Creative Studios was founded and created in 2006 by Mark J Suplicki, President and Creative Director. His 33+ years within the advertising and design world has given him the understanding required to build a business and to deliver to his clients.


He has worked within some of the top design studios and advertising agencies in the Mid-West and New England. With this base to his career, it has enabled him to create and give life to a studio that is based on a passion to create and a personal destiny to succeed in every aspect of life and business. This pillar of belief is looked for, encouraged and expected within his creative team, his consultants, and the creative process. With this outlook, the studio continues to grow year after year.