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Are you in a hosting situation? Not sure what platform to use?

We'll help you find the right solution and set you up. One of our greatest values to our clients is the value of saving them money and time. Jontaar Creative Studios has been helping clients for over thirteen years. Our knowledge and knowing what to ask and then implement on those answers is why we succeed. Give us a call on your web need. I am sure we'll get you live in a very efficient amount of time.

Basic Web Hosting and eCommerce

We work in three of the top platforms available to the public and businesses. We specialize in getting you set up quickly and efficiently. Many cliens want a site, but not sure where to start. These are great solutions to get your business up and running in as little as 24hrs. Give a call and we'll point in you in the right direction.

Starting at just $19/mo.

We specialize in these Platforms:

All include - 24x7x365 Support

  • WIX

  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

  • Wordpress

Dedicated Business Web Hosting

Your business is important, and uptime is critical. In the 13+ years of dedicated hosting for our clients, we've been 99.99% live with zero time. That .01%, an unrelated downed tower, somewhere in Virginia, and that was way back in 08. Point being, our solutions have a terrific track record.

We can get your site up and running within 24hrs.
Give us a try! FREE for the first month with annual billing.

Starts at just $150/mo.

Call us for additional options or details to fit your need.

  • 24x7x365 Support

  • 1 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee

  • A Zero-Downtime Network

  • Dedicated Account Management and Business Development Team

  • Site-watch Port Monitoring Service

  • Automated Server Patching via Distributed Red Hat Satellite Server

  • Unmetered Managed Backup

  • Weekly Full, Daily Differential

  • 2 Week On-site Retention

  • Managed Access Portal (Ticket Manager, DNS

  • Manager, Bandwidth and Backup Reports,

  • Doc Center, Knowledge base, Billing Options)

WordPress & Wordpress Application Security

Are you running your site within WordPress, are you aware of the security risks? We are. Contact us today.

We are here to assist in that security need. Many businesses think by keeping their budgets down, they'll just run these applications and all will be well. Easy, breezy.  So many businesses are un-aware of the security risks on a daily basis, and the amount of attempts crawlers are trying to get in. Many business are un-aware of the abilities of third-party plug-ins or the ability to test them, themselves. This is where we can help!

Every site is different, please call for quote.

​Wordpress Monitoring Services Begin With:

Open source WordPress, Content and other 3rd Party Software Monitoring. All sites created within these environments include the following maintenance agreement.

  • 24/7 Monitoring.

  • 3-Hours per month checking for software and plug-in basic and security updates.

  • If applicable will upload and install most recent versions to said third party software and plug-ins.

  • WordPress, and Plug-in testing is mandatory to make sure all third party plug-ins and security/updates function with current site design.

  • Brute force attack monitoring and lock out of hack attempts from outside sources.

  • Implementations would happen after business hours if we anticipate breakage to current site. Some updates are transparent and can be applied at any time.

  • Critical Patches would require client approval and completed within 30 days. All tested and reviewed on development domain prior to going to production site. Additional implementation and testing hours above the 3hr per month minimum would be billed at $185/hr

  • Standard Patches would require client approval and completed within 60 days or less. All tested and reviewed
    on development domain prior to going to production site.

  • Additional fees may apply if third party plug-in require a cost.

  • Other unforeseen options available at additional costs.

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